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 Polseguera Online Auction 

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New Auction Listing
Insertion Fees
Auction Listing Fee 0.50 euros
Additional Options
Add-ons that will help your product(s) to be sold
Featured Auction
If selected, your product will rotate on the main page and appear in the "All Featured accios" section.
4.50 euros
Category Featured Auction
If selected, it will appear before the standard listings in the category it is place in.
2.50 euros
Yellow Background
If selected, your product will appear with a yellow background, so it will be easier to be found among all the others.
1.25 euros
Bold Title Listing
If selected, the title will appear in bold type.
0.70 euros
Attention Icon
If selected, a small icon will be place beside the title of your listing
1.00 euros
Featured Picture Gallery
If selected, your product will rotate on the main page and appear in the "All Gallery Items" section.
6.00 euros
Page Counter
This is useful to know the visits your item has.
0.10 euros
Uploaded Picture(s)
The cost of uploading the picture(s) of your auction item to our web server. (Free if you provide the URL where they are located.)
0.50 euros
Banner Advertising
9,000 banner impressions to advertise your product(s) on our sites. If you do not have a banner, you can use our default one. View it here.
Do not forget to e-mail us your banner or, if you do not have one, the description of your product(s) and the colours you like, and we will send you a password so that you can log in to our advertising system to see the statistics of your banner(s) on-line. Banner advertising accounts are created manually, so please allow a day or two to receive your password.
Remember to include your user's name when you write to us.
3.00 euros
Closing Percentage
We charge a small closing percentage commission basing on the winning bid. No commission if it is not sold. 0.00 to 199.99 = 3.0%
200.00 to 499.99 = 2.9%
500.00 to 999.99 = 2.8%
1,000.00 to 4,999.99 = 2.7%
5,000.00 to 9,999.99 = 2.6%
10,000.00 to 99,999,999.99 = 2.5%
Every time you recharge your account, you will be given the same amount for free as a launching promotion. For example, if you recharge it ten euros, you will obtain 20 euros, that is, 10 and 10 (launching promotion). Please allow 24 hours to add the lunching promotion to your account once the payment has been made.
This is valid until 31st July, 2004.
We give you 2.5 euros for signing up. This might change in the future.
Contact us for special discounts on our fees. Thank you.

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