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Brief summary of our advertising services


As time elapses, our websites are more and more visited. Furthermore, some of our advertising options are free.

In the first place, we have a general directory and search engine at Polse.org. The directory is arranged by categories and has search facilities.

Next, you can include your site in our commercial directory at Polseguera.net. Moreover, we offer interesting advertising alternatives to promote your business.

You can also participate in our Top Ranking List at Polseguera.com. You need to place a text link or an image on your site so that your visitors may vote for you.

There is also a link exchange directory at Polseguera.com. Please note that we require a link back in this directory.

The classifieds ads on this site are free too. You have to register, but it will only take you a couple of minutes.

If you prefer text or HTML rotating ads, have a look at our prices. They are very tempting.

You can buy credits in our commercial directory. Those who have more credits are displayed in a more prominent position inside a category. The more credits you have, the better position your resource will take. Credits do not expire. Please notice that credits are ignored in the searches.

We also accept to be paid a commission for the sales that come from us. Visit Description and Objectives for more details.

Thank you very much.


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